Kevin Altizer's College Studies
Courses Colleges Credit Hours Grades Descriptions
Eng101 Gaston 3 TC Intro to Writing
EC201 Belmont Abbey 3 TC Macro Economics
CS201 Belmont Abbey 3 TC Programming (Pascal)
IFSM201 Dantes 3 TC Intro to Computers
SPCH100 Dantes 3 TC Foundations of Speech Communication
LIBS150 UMUC 1 A Literacy and Research
HIST218J UMUC 1 B Battle of the Bulge
MATH107 UMUC 3 B College Algebra
CMST100A UMUC 1 S PC Hardware/Software
CMST100B UMUC 1 S Microsoft® Word®
CMST100D UMUC 1 S Microsoft® PowerPoint®
CMST100F UMUC 1 S Microsoft® Access®
CMST100G UMUC 1 S Microsoft® Excel®
CMST100J UMUC 1 S PC Security
CMST100L UMUC 1 S Microsoft® FrontPage®
CMST100N UMUC 1 S Desktop Operating Systems
CMIS102A UMUC 3 A Programming I Java®
CMIS141A UMUC 3 A Programming II Java®
CMIS241 UMUC 3 A Data Stuctures & Abstraction Java®
BIOL101 UMUC 3 A Biology Concepts
BIOL102 UMUC 1 A Biology Lab
PSCY100 UMUC 3 A Psychology
HUMN334 UMUC 3 A Understanding Movies
WRTG291 UMUC 3 A Expository and Research Writing
CMST385 UMUC 3 A Internet and Web Design
AART350 UMUC 3 B Elements of Illustration
NSCI100 UMUC 3 A Physical Science
Total Hours 60
GPA 3.8
TC=Transfer Credit