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Lisbon, Portugal
The beautiful city of Lisbon!

Near Malmedy and Monschau
Trinkwasserspeicher Perlenbach (water reservoir in Germany).

Christmas in Den Haag (The Hague) 2008
Den Haag is the capital of the Netherlands.

It was very saddening to leave Dublin.

Western Netherlands overlooking the North Sea.

Chateau de Vouilly The castle where we stayed while in the Normandy area.
American Cemetery at Omaha Beach 9,387 soldiers are buried here.
Battery of Longues-sur-Mer The site of four 150mm guns that could fire on Omaha and Gold Beaches.
Berlin, Germany
Berlin is the largest city between Moscow and Paris. It is also the home of the largest department store in continental Europe - KaDeWe.
Baugnez Historical Center
Site of the Malmedy Massacre in WWII, Belgium. Also, a few pictures from La Gileppe, Belgium (last thumbnail page). Visit the Center's web site at
Christmas in Barcelona - 2007
Also, Santa Susanna (first batch), Montserrat (mountain), and Sitges (last batch)...
Maastricht, the Netherlands
A boat tour of the Maas River...
Xanten, Germany
The northernmost outpost of the Holy Roman Empire...
Official Xanten Page (English)

Christmas in Paris - 2006
Eifel Tower, Notre Dame, Elysian Fields, and a Seine River boat tour...

Pisa, Marina di Pisa, and Elba Island (Italy)
Leaning Tower, Baptistry of the Cathedral, Campo dei Miracoli (field of miracles), Marina di Pisa overlooking the Mediterranean Sea, and Elba Island boat tour...
Praha (Prague), Czech Republic
Prague Castle, Astronomical Clock, Old Town Square...

Colmar, France
"Little Venice", Home town of Frédéric-Auguste Bartholdi (best known for the Statue of Liberty), "Colmar Pocket" battle in WWII...

Bingen am Rhein, Germany
I've been to Bingen about four times now, and it just seems better each time. Rudesheim am Rhein is just across the river, and it is a nice place to visit as well. I hope you enjoy these pictures. There are several for your viewing pleasure!
Poland and Eastern Germany
These pictures are from Elim Mission - Poland and the Eastern German cities of Bautzen and Gorlitz. This was a great trip for us! We had such a fabulous time! While visiting Elim Christian Center, we attended what I would classify as the best worship service we've attended since I've been in Europe. And, it was in Polish! I couldn't understand a word! But, I sure felt the Spirit of the Almighty in a powerful way! I look forward to going back someday.
Liege, Belgium
Sarah lived in Liege for some time. It's a pretty cool city to visit. It has a lot of history, as most cities in Europe do! The city hall building makes for a nice little tour. And, they have some nice eateries as well. Be sure to look at the pita sandwich I demolished!

Visit our Picasaweb (Google) photos page
Drielandenpunt and Westkappelle, the Netherlands (92 photos). Drielandenpunt means three lands point. It's where the Netherlands, Germany, and Belgium all meet in one place. Westkappelle is a Dutch town that overlooks the North Sea. In WWII, this town was heavily bombed by the Brits in hopes of driving the Germans away.

Drielandenpunt Video

Battle of the Bulge Tour (Picasaweb)

These photos are from a tour I went on while taking a History class about the Battle of the Ardennes (official US Army name of the battle). The album features pictures of actual American foxholes that were just to the side of one of the four German Rollenbahns (four different routes taken by four different German commanders in route to the objective - Antwerp, Belgium). Also, there are pictures of Bastogne, Belgium, where an exceptional act of bravery took place by the US Army's 101st Airborne Division, Combat Command B of 10th Armored, and the 463d Field Artillery Battalion, who were deployed to Bastogne. There is a beautiful monument at Bastogne that has all the United States etched in stone. Also, there is a museum that's built in the shape of a star. Another great thing about Bastogne is its wonderful Belgian chocolates!

US Army Center of Military History's images of this battle...
Wikipedia's Battle of the Bulge Page...

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